Friday, 24 August 2012

black girl problems

i need to get something off my chest.i notice in and around Birmingham and other Cities that there are a ,how can i put ...young foolish girls walking around trying to look like Kim Kardashians twin.Now the particular girls that i'm talking about are black girls.Why pick on the black girls i hear you say.I am in fact a black women myself and hate any negativity towards my race of any kind,but this here needs to be addressed.
What is with the the 20in weave the fake eyelashes and them dam fake nails.The problem is not the nails as such or even them nasty looking lashes dare i say,because we all like a bit of fakery.It is the four packets of  20in weave in your head that i can not stand.No no no, i'm not trying to hear 'we wear weaves to protect our own hair'.That is cool but wearing a straight weave that passes your bra strap to me you is hating yourself.Why not rock a weave that similar to your own hair ,or something that looks more natural and less European because you are in fact black.
I wear shoulder length straight hair and also a shoulder length curly hair,and my own hair is pretty much straight.I think i'm trying to say is that some black girls are not helping themselves or all of us by trying to emulate that European look as to say this is acceptable.
Yes yes i hear some people say 'i am not my hair' what ever, you should embrace what you have,you are black, be proud.

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